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赌钱软件最火的app:富力48小时搞定阿德里安 PSV找他解决扎哈维转会


   Yesterday, the Chinese Super League championship and relegation group matches were all released. On the same day, the Guangzhou R&F team announced that new aid was in place: Chongqing contemporary midfielder Adrian Mezeyevsky quickly joined. It is reported that Adrian's loan period is 3 months, he will play for R & F until December 31 this year. Adrian's arrival means that R&F has already begun preparing for the second stage of the relegation competition.

昨天,中国超级联赛冠军和降级小组赛全部发布。当天,广州富力团队宣布了新的援助到位:重庆当代中场阿德里安·梅泽耶夫斯基迅速加入。据悉,阿德里安的贷款期为3个月,他将为富力效力至今年12月31日。 Adrian的到来意味着富力已经开始为降级比赛的第二阶段做准备。

   ■New Express reporter Wang Di


   The night before Beijing time, R&F forward Dia Saba officially left the team. He transferred to the UAE team Dubai for about 3 million US dollars. In R&F, Saba was not originally a core player. After signing R&F last year, Saba’s main task was to assist Zahavi. Now that Zahavi has left, Saba's role has plummeted. When the Dubai nationals sent the transfer letter, R&F happily sent Saba away. In Dubai victory, Saba will wear the number 9 jersey.

赌钱软件最火的app北京时间前一天晚上,富力前锋Dia Saba正式离开车队。他以大约300万美元的身价转会至阿联酋迪拜队。在富力基金赌钱软件最火的app中,Saba最初不是核心参与者。去年与富豪签约后,萨巴的主要任务是协助扎哈维。扎哈维(Zahavi)离开后,萨巴(Saba)的角色已直线下降。当迪拜国民寄出转会信时,富力乐意将萨巴送走。在迪拜的胜利中,萨巴将穿着9号球衣。

   When anyone walks away, someone will come. While Saba signed the Dubai victory, R&F signed the Polish midfielder Adrian from Chongqing. Although the match of Group B only ended last night, after Chongqing locked in the top four of Group B one round ahead of schedule, Chongqing expressed its intention to sell the team's foreign aid, and R&F also quickly completed the signing of Adrian.


   Adrian's loan period is only 3 months. For R&F, short-term rental Adrian is a bit of an excitement. In the absence of too many options, the introduction of short-term rental foreign aid is indeed a rescue. In R&F, Adrian's main task is to help the team fight a relegation battle. According to the rules, R&F’s first opponent in the second phase of the knockout is Qingdao Huanghai. As long as it can defeat the Qingdao Yellow Sea, R&F will succeed in relegation ahead of schedule. After the league is over, R&F will continue to compete in the FA Cup. It is Adrian's second task to help R&F go further in the cup.




   In the first stage, Adrian played 11 times for Chongqing, scoring 6 goals and 5 assists, and his performance was very impressive. Adrian's arrival should effectively improve R & F's offensive fluency and make up for the absence of Saba's departure to the greatest extent. After finding a replacement for Saba, R&F still needs to find a replacement for Zahavi. After all, the lack of strikers is the most serious problem for R&F right now.


   Before the season, R&F had already let go of the two high center forwards, Guihong and Xiao Zhi. After Zahavi and Saba also left, only Ye Chugui was left in the R&F team. It is true that Ye Chugui has performed well in the last few games, but the problem of the team's insufficient offensive impact is also obvious.

在赛季开始之前,富力已经放弃了两位高中锋前锋桂红和小智。在扎哈维(Zahavi)和萨巴(Saba)也离开之后,富裕团队只剩下叶楚桂(Ye Chugui)。叶楚归在过去几场比赛中的表现确实不错,但是球队进攻能力不足的问题也很明显。

   Previously, the Dutch striker Richairo Zivkovic had arrived in Guangzhou, and Zivkovic had been quarantined in Guangzhou for more than 10 days. According to Dutch media reports, Zivkovic’s father made it clear in an interview that Zivkovic will play for R&F on loan until the end of this year. However, the R&F Club has not yet announced this contract. R&F coach Van Bronckhorst also said when discussing this issue that everything must be subject to the club’s announcement.

此前,荷兰前锋里奇瓦洛·齐夫科维奇已经抵达广州,齐夫科维奇在广州被隔离了10天以上。据荷兰媒体报道,齐夫科维奇的父亲在一次采访中明确表示,齐夫科维奇将在今年年底之前借贷富力。但是,富力俱乐部尚未宣布该合同。富力教练范布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)在讨论这个问题时也表示,一切都必须以俱乐部的公告为准。



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   Nationality: Poland


   Height: 1.76 meters


   position: midfield