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赌钱软件最火的app_中超哪支球队最年轻 青春风暴有代价么?这决定国足未来吗?

The average player age of Dalian's 14 Super League matches is 27.92 years old, making it the youngest team in the Super League. The youngest starting game was the 14th round against Guangzhou Evergrande, the minimum age was 26.64 years old, and the oldest starting game was the 11th round against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, the maximum age was 29.01 years old.


So what is the price of Dalian's youth storm? It's bad grades. Judging from the first 14 rounds of the Super League, Dalian's performance was fluctuating. They were able to draw with Guangzhou Evergrande and Shandong Luneng, but they lost consecutively to Guangzhou R&F and Shenzhen Kaisa, which shows that the team's ability is far from reaching a higher level. For the Dalian people, this season is basically an experimental season. After bidding farewell to Zhu Ting, Zhou Ting, and Zhu Xiaogang, players such as Tong Lei, Wu Wei, He Yupeng, Dong Yanfeng and others will be able to know the determination of the Dalian people. On this basis, the Dalian people adjusted their tactics, but they did not get the pleasing performance and outstanding results.


In fact, the fans are the most popular fans. After all, fans pay attention to the dynamics of Dalian people in every game. The game scenes are unsatisfactory. The results have been in the last few of Group A. Can they be successfully relegated in the next second stage? Is unknown. So many fans are questioning whether Benitez’s youth storm is appropriate or meaningful.


At present, the Venezuelan national team has officially announced that Longdong has been selected as the new training team, so Longdong will officially return to his country to participate in the World Cup qualifiers. This way, Hamsik will leave the team and Longdong will leave the team, which will let Dalian people in a short time. After losing two generals, can Benitez’s youth storm blow?


If we want to judge the success of Dalian people's youth storm, we also have to see whether Dalian people can successfully relegation this season. If the Dalian people are finally downgraded, then Youth Storm will fail completely. If it is a thrilling relegation, there will be an opportunity for adjustment next season. After the replacement of Hamsik, the team will be replaced by Jairson, and then another striker will be added. Dalian, which has a deep football atmosphere and deep heritage, is currently experiencing a situation where there are no forwards available. Wang Jinxian was embarrassed to use it, Tao Qianglong could not go out, Shan Huanhuan was injured and healed, and there was no local center capable of being a striker. In the early days, Dalian had Li Zhichao and Dong Xuesheng, but now there is no forward substitute. On October 16, Dalian people will face Shijiazhuang Yongchang directly. Who can stand up to help the team at this time?

如果要判断大连人民青年风暴的成功,我们还必须看看大连人民能否在本赛季成功降级。如果大连人民最终被降级,那么青年风暴将彻底失败。如果这真是令人激动的降级,那么下赛季将有机会进行调整。更赌钱软件最火的app换Hamsik之后,该团队将由Jairson代替,然后再添加一个前锋。大连有着浓厚的足球氛围和深厚的底蕴,目前正面临着没有前锋可用的情况。王金贤不好意思使用它,陶强龙无法外出,单焕焕受伤并得到医治,当地没有一个能充当前锋的中锋。早期,大连有李志超和董学胜,但现在没有前锋替补。 10月16日,大连人民将直接面对石家庄永昌。谁能在这个时候站起来帮助团队?