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On June 31, 1994, the Mexican team led by Milu ushered in the last opponent Yugoslavia in the World Cup group stage. At the last moment of stoppage time in the first half, Yugoslav player Suk saw the referee pouting and preparing to put his whistle, so he hurriedly took a long shot from the midfield. This was a weak shot. The ball floated in the air like the Yugoslav League at the time. The only good thing was that it was actually flying towards the gate. Let's put it this way, if you want fans to remember the ball the next day of the game, unless the opposing goalkeeper wants to be the regent. But there is such a genius in this world. The transition between the ordinary and the extraordinary lies in their thoughts. The Mexican goalkeeper Campos faced this boring shot and used his feet that can play the violin for the World Cup. An eternal classic moment has been added to the annals of history.


The previous crazy talk is to make everyone familiar with the internal taste, because this article is about the scorpion swinging his tail to save the real protagonist-"lunatic" Iquita.


"Extras, extras... the government has sworn again to step up its efforts to crack down on drugs." A young newspaper boy who lost his father hawked the newspaper in his arms. The job of selling newspapers has something in common with playing football. It requires walking through the streets and lanes. Fortunately, this newsboy has a good talent. He is not only fast, but also has a flexible chassis and is good at dribbling. He also has a precise kick. Shooting. Needless to think, the newsboy became a football player. In 1985, he started his career with the Colombian giants Millionaires. In his first season, he scored 7 goals in 16 appearances.

“额外的,额外的……政府再次宣誓要加大力度打击毒品。”一个失去父亲的年轻报纸男孩将报纸ed在怀里。卖报纸的工作与踢足球有共同之处。它需要步行穿过街道和小巷。幸运的是,这个报童有很好的才能。他不仅速度快,而且底盘灵活,擅长运球。他还有一脚精准的踢球。射击。毋庸置疑,报童成为一名足球运动员。 1985年,他开始了哥伦比亚巨人百万富翁的职业生涯。在他的第一个赛季中,他16次出场打进7球。

The newsboy, who debuted in the C position on the court, joined his hometown team National Athletic the following year. In 1989, he struggling to save 4 penalty kicks from the Olympia team in the Copa Libertadores final, bringing back the top spot for Colombian football. For the Libertadores Cup, it was natural that he became the best...goalkeeper in this country.

报童在球场上以C位置首次亮相,第二年加入了他的家乡球队国家竞技队。 1989年,他在解放者杯决赛中努力从奥林匹亚队(Olympia)挽救4个点球,使哥伦比亚足球荣登榜首。对于解放者杯来说,自然而然地成为了这个国家最好的守门员。

This newsboy is Iquita. Although he is fast, good at ejaculation, good dribbling, and is only 175cm tall, he is a goalkeeper. It is said that this choice was due to an accidental injury to the goalkeeper of the team in a school game that year. As a striker, Iquita was temporarily pulled to the top, but a pair of goalkeeper gloves not only can not seal a goal. The heart also made him fall in love with the feeling of being a husband and entering Huanglong.


Vivalda, the veteran goalkeeper of the Millionaires team, has scored 127 goals[Note]. He was the target of Iquita's young imitation and had personally guided him. Iquita inherited the nickname of "madman" from Vivalda, and later scored 41 goals in his career.


The first paragraph of this article may cause many people to unconsciously pop up a lot of words that may be automatically blocked by the system when reading. Of course, this is normal, so how can there be no overturning?


The World Cup knockout matches are often intense and exciting, but in fact, there are also very boring times. The game between Colombia and Cameroon in the 1/8 final of the 1990 World Cup was like this. The two sides did not break the deadlock until the 106th minute. However, the fans have only just been lifted up by the goal, and an even more exciting scene has come.

世界杯淘汰赛通常是激烈而激动人心的,但实际上,这也很无聊。 1990年世界杯决赛1/8中哥伦比亚和喀麦隆之间的比赛就是这样。双方直赌钱软件最火的app到第106分钟才打破僵局。但是,球迷们只是被球门所吸引,一个更加激动人心的场面来了。

In the 108th minute of the game, Iquita appeared in a position where goalkeepers do not often appear as usual. At this time, the teammates holding the ball saw the black uncle who had just scored rushed towards him and hurriedly passed the ball back. The uncle also changed direction and rushed towards Iquita. As the team's organizational hub, Iquita is not panic. When he sees this, he chooses to pass the uncle. He intends to buckle the ball back, and then change his direction after the enemy gets deep. I don't know that this sincere black uncle didn't eat Iquita's flamboyant set, and just grabbed the ball...


This is the only World Cup that Iquita has ever participated in. He did add an eternal classic moment to the history of the World Cup, but he served as the background board for Uncle Mila and the corner flagpole.


The 1994 World Cup was absolutely gray for Colombian football. They not only stopped in the group stage, but the team's defender Andrés Escobar was shot by gangsters after returning home for scoring an own goal. Escobar was a teammate who fought side by side when Iquita won the Libertadores Cup. If Iquita stood behind Escobar in 1994, would the tragedy be avoided? It's a pity that there is no if, at that time Iquita was in another place where goalkeepers rarely appeared-the prison.


According to official accounts, one day in 1993, a buddy who worked in a drug cartel found Iquita who had some friendship with him. Due to the betrayal of the boss, the dude's daughter was kidnapped, and he hoped that Iquita could help to mediate. Iquita chose to answer this matter. He negotiated a ransom of 3 million US dollars with the kidnappers and successfully brought the man's daughter back. In order to express his gratitude, the guy gave Iquita a package of 64,000 US dollars, which made Iquita’s forefoot rescue the innocent girl, and the hindfoot himself was jailed.


Why didn't Iquita's low-level errors in the World Cup be shot? Why did the drug trafficker’s daughter get Iquita’s mediation after being kidnapped? Because Iquita has another good friend named Escobar, Pablo Escobar.

为什么不射中伊基塔在世界杯上的低水平失误?为什么贩毒者的女儿被绑架后得到伊基塔的调解?因为伊基塔(Iquita)有另一个好朋友,叫埃斯科巴(Escobar),所以帕勃罗(Pablo Escobar)。

The Medellin Group, a subsidiary of Escobar, once occupied 80% of the US cocaine smuggling market, and he himself ranked seventh on the "Forbes Global Rich List" by relying on the huge profits of drug trafficking. In 1991, Escobar reached a tacit agreement with the government to build a luxurious private prison and put himself in. Iquita visited the big drug lord during this period and disclosed the friendship between the two. According to Iquita, visiting Escobar was the real reason why he was imprisoned by the Colombian government for 7 months, because he was ultimately not charged.

Escobar的子公司麦德林集团曾经占领了美国可卡因走私市场的80%,他本人凭借毒品交易的丰厚利润,在《福布斯》全球富豪榜上名列第七。 1991年,埃斯科巴(Escobar)与政府达成了默契协议,建立了一座豪华的私人监狱并入狱。伊基塔(Iquita)在此期间拜访了这位大毒drug,并透露了两者之间的友谊。据伊基塔说,拜访埃斯科巴尔是他被哥伦比亚政府监禁七个月的真正原因,因为他最终没有被起诉。

In December 1993, after the government vowed to step up the drug crackdown again and again, Escobar finally died under the gun of a special policeman. But Iquita’s relationship with drugs did not end there. Ten years later, Iquita, who played in the Ecuadorian League, was found to have ingested cocaine, which goalkeepers rarely touch, and he was suspended for six months.


From the perspective of our time, Iquita is full of undesirables. He does not suppress the devil in his heart, so that he always puts himself in a dangerous situation whether on the court or in life. But this is the indulgence of the 90s. His choices on the court to abandon the consequences gave football passion. In that era, as a goalkeeper, he interprets the alternative aesthetics of football.


These highly contagious images have planted the seeds of football for the childhood of countless people, such as my country's goalkeeper Wang Dalei who was determined to become China's Iquita since he was a child.


From a tactical point of view, Iquita's creative style of play has earned him the role of organizer in the team's offensive system. In today's world football, this is not the kind of goalkeeper Guardiola dreams of.


However, if there is a textbook for football, how many editors would promote this style of Iquita? From a rational point of view, some of Iquita’s choices have surpassed the margin of reason, which can be called irresponsible, ignorant, aggressive, and reckless. It is undeniable that this is really cool.


In 1995, an ordinary national team friendly match. The English player on the opposite side took a long shot from a dozen yards away from the penalty area after receiving a knockback from his teammate. This shot is characterized by slow ball speed and a positive angle. Experienced commentators often introduce the shooting player at this time. It was the first appearance of the Three Lions and the incidental mention of his father to alleviate the boredom. When the commentator finished this pass, the ball almost fell to the goalkeeper.