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赌钱软件最火的app-45期名人战第5局首日时间线 芝野虎丸的迷之长考




   original address: https://digital.asahi.com/articles/photo/AS20201013002038.html


Theme: Mysterious long thought, masters 1 hour 1 minute Offense and defense are intensifying


   From: The Asahi Shimbun


Editor: Mr. Murakami, yoshihai Miyazaki, and Mr. Takahashi


  Picture: Chi and Yi


Painting: sangoko


   Translation and collation: find excuses to be quiet 61 minutes






   Before the 5th game, Shiano Toramaru and Iyama Yuta gave a short interview.

在第五局之前,Shibano Toramaru和Iyama Yuta进行了简短的采访。

   Facing the unfavorable situation of 1 win and 3 losses, Shiano Toramaru said when reviewing the series so far: "Played chess with good content, but also played chess with not good content."

面对1胜3负的不利局面,Shiano Toramaru回顾了迄今为止的系列赛时说:“下棋得当,但也下棋得不好。”

   Including this year's Honinbo vs. Shichiban chess, this year Shiano Toramaru and Iyama Yuta played the most. For Ioyama Yuta’s impression, Shiano Toramaru said: “The concept of the layout and the severity of the midgame were known before I became a professional chess player. Especially the conception of the layout, when I was sitting in front of Yuta Ioyama. I feel it incisively and vividly."

包括今年的Honinbo对Shichiban棋,今年Shiano Toramaru和Iyama Yuta发挥最多。对于饭山裕太的印象,Shiano Toramaru说:“布局的概念和中局的严重性在我成为职业棋手之前就已经知道了。特别是当我坐在汤山雄太前面的时候,对布局的概念。我感觉敏锐而生动。”

   Atami Shitei, where Shibano Toramaru defeated Zhang Xu 9dan in the celebrity battle last year and became the youngest celebrity. In this regard, Shiano Toramaru said: "After I came here and looked at various places, I remembered some good memories. Although the score was at a disadvantage this time, I will think about it and face this game of chess."

去年,Shibano Toramaru在名人堂之战中击败了张旭9dan,并成为最年轻的名人。在这方面,Shiano Toramaru说:“我来到这里看过各个地方之后,我想起了一些美好的回忆。尽管这次比分处于劣势,但我会考虑一下,面对这场下棋比赛。”

   And Ioyama Yuta said to the current chess game: "Every game is very difficult to play, but the last game was very satisfied, which is a positive sign." And added: "I also feel that this time the state is not bad."


   Atami Stone Pavilion is also a memorable place for Ioyama Yuta. In 2009, he won the title of celebrity for the first time. In 2017, he won the seventh title for the second time in Atami Stone Pavilion. "For me, it is a good place to leave a key game. I hope to welcome the game with such a good impression."

热海石亭也是饭山裕太值得纪念的地方。 2009年,他首次获得名人称号。 2017年,他第二次在热海石头亭获得第七个冠军。 “对我来说,这是离开关键游戏的好地方。我希望以如此良好的印象来欢迎这款游戏。”

Regarding the celebrity battle, Ioyama Yuta said: "The first time I challenged the title and won the title for the first time is here, and then I also left happy memories, and also have sad memories. I also hope to be able to return here. I can leave a good memory, but I feel that winning 4 games is far from the end. I still have to continue to work hard and face it with all my strength as always."






   Kono Rinkudan, who served as the commentator for this newspaper, lost to Shiano Toramaru in the playoff stage of the previous celebrity battle cycle, and missed the opportunity to challenge a celebrity, who eventually became a celebrity. At the beginning, Kono said: "Last year, the birth of the first celebrity under the age of 20 has become a big topic, and my credit is also great, so this is where I am proud. In the words full of humor, he expressed his opinion on the fifth game.

曾担任本报评论员的河野麟丹(Kono Rinkudan)在上一届名人争霸战的季后赛阶段输给了Shiano Toramaru,却错过了挑战名人的机会,最终成为了名人。一开始,科诺说:“去年,20岁以下的第一位名人的出生已经成为一个大话题,我的荣誉也很大,所以我为此感到自豪。用充满幽默感的话来说,他对第五局发表了自己的看法。

So far, Rin Kono commented: "As far as the content is concerned, both players have played their own advantages. In the recent Honinbo battle, Yuta Iyama defeated Shiano Toramaru 4-1. Ioyama Yuta's strength was already very strong, but in the two-day system, his strength was enough to suppress the opponent. However, this time the celebrity battle, Shiano Toramaru pulled back one round in the third round, and then the second round The content is also that Shiano Toramaru suppressed the opponent. Judging from the content of the game, the state of Shiano Toramaru has also recovered. Being able to compete against the "Shichi no Demon" Yuta Iyama in such a contest, the strength should not be underestimated. This time a celebrity battle There is an atmosphere that is about to carve up the world."

到目前为止,河野R评论说:“就内容而言,两位球员都发挥了自己的优势。在最近的本人坊战役中,山田佑太以4-1击败了Shiano Toramaru。宫山裕太的实力已经非常强大,在两天的比赛中,他的实力足以压制对手,但是,这次名人之战,Shiano Toramaru在第三轮退回一轮,然后在第二轮进行比赛,内容还在于Shiano Toramaru压制了对手。从游戏的内容来看,Shiano Toramaru的状态也已经恢复,能够在这样的比赛中与“ Shichi no Demon” Yita Iyama竞争,实力不容小。这次的名人之战充满了气氛那将使世界更加美好。”

   The fifth round of the celebrity battle last year was also at Atami Shitei as it is today. Rin Kono, who also served as a commentator here last year, said: “This is Shiano Toramaru who won the celebrity. It is a place worth remembering. This is good news for him. For both sides, a small move can influence the series. The trend of the game. Although Ioyama Yuta is leading for the time being, he cannot be easy. I believe he will face the fifth game as a deciding game."

去年的第五轮名人之战,也是今天的热海涩谷。去年在这里还担任过评论员的林野(Rin Kono)说:“这是赢得名人的椎野智勇(Shiano Toramaru)。这是一个值得记住的地方。这对他来说是个好消息。对于双方来说,一个小动作都会影响系列赛。游戏的趋势。尽管饭山裕太暂时处于领先地位,但他并不容易。我相信他将作为决定性比赛面对第五局。”

He also added: "In the past, Yuta Iyama was a long-term chess player, and time was used like running water. Shibano Toramaru used to have a feeling of playing chess quickly, but perhaps he played with Yuta Iyama in a two-day game. For many reasons, I have occasionally seen Shiano Toramaru spend a long time thinking about the situation in some situations recently. There is a feeling like aiming at something to prepare."

他还补充道:“过去,井田裕太是一位长期的国际象棋棋手,时间像流水一样被使用。Shibano Toramaru曾经有下棋的快感,但也许他曾两次与井田裕太一起玩过,出于种种原因,我偶尔看到Shiano Toramaru最近花了很长时间思考某些情况下的情况。感觉就像是在准备一些东西。”





   Shiano Toramaru and Iyama Yuta entered the game room one after another. After the two chess players took their temperature at the door, they gave their electronic products to the staff of the Japanese chess institute.

Shiano Toramaru和Iyama Yuta陆续进入游戏室。两位国际象棋棋手在门口取温后,他们将电子产品交给了日本国际象棋学会的工作人员。

   At 9 o'clock in the morning, an honorary celebrity named Kobayashi Guang, a member of the Standing Committee, signaled: "Time is up" The black Shiano Toramaru played the first move at the star position in the upper right corner, and after Yuta Ioyama retaliated at the star position in the upper left corner, the fifth round of the game began.

早上9点,常务委员会委员名叫Kobayashi Guang的名流表示:“时间到了”黑色的Shiano Toramaru在右上角的明星位置扮演了第一步,然后饭山雄太在左上角的明星位置进行了报复,比赛的第五轮开始了。





   In this chess game, we are all concerned about Shiano Toramaru's third move.

在这个国际象棋游戏中,我们都关心Shiano Toramaru的第三举动。

   Shiano Toramaru played black in the third game of the previous set. In the same situation, he played 3 times in the opposite A position and then defended the corner at the B position. This is relatively rare for Shiano Toramaru. Because in all previous competitions, the actual black 3's small eye was chosen. However, in the game of Black 3, from this summer's Honinbo battle to this celebrity battle, Shiano Toramaru all lost to Ioyama Yuta.

Shiano Toramaru在上一场的第三局比赛中表现为黑色。在相同情况下,他在对面的A位置出战3次,然后在B位置保卫角球。对于Shiano Toramaru来说,这种情况相对罕见。因为在以前的所有比赛中,实际黑3的小眼睛都是被选择的。但是,在Black 3游戏中,从今年夏天的Honinbo战斗到名人战斗,Shiano Toramaru都输给了Ioyama Yuta。

   In the 3rd game, Shiano Toramaru did not choose the layout he was good at, and instead eventually won the 3rd game. But in this game that cannot be missed, Shiano Toramaru once again chose the layout he liked.

在第三局中,Shiano Toramaru没有选择他擅长的布局,而是最终赢得了第三局。但是在这场不容错过的比赛中,Shiano Toramaru再次选择了自己喜欢的布局。

   Iyama Yuta also discovered the difference in Shiano Toramaru. The layout of this game has just begun, but the secret battle between the two players has begun.

井山雄太也发现了Shiano Toramaru的差异。该游戏的布局刚刚开始,但是两个玩家之间的秘密战斗已经开始。





   The two players took off their jackets at the beginning of the game.


   Shiba Notoramaru was motionless, looking at the chessboard quietly. When Yuta Jingshan was considering the chess game, he sometimes held his arms, sometimes held his cheeks, and shook his body.

Shiba Notoramaru一动不动,静静地看着棋盘。 Yuta Jingshan在考虑下象棋游戏时,有时会握住胳膊,有时会握住脸颊,然后摇摇身体。

   Shiano Toramaru, who barely moved, and Yuta Iyama, who moved a lot, were the same in the first 4 games. From the behavior of the two chess players, it seems that there is no tension because it is a key event, but where is this game going?

在最初的四场比赛中,勉强移动的Shiano Toramaru和移动很多的Yuta Iyama都一样。从两个棋手的行为来看,似乎没有张力,因为这是关键事件,但是这场比赛将走向何赌钱软件方?





   In the research room, Kobayashi, an honorary celebrity, and Kono Lin Jiudan are studying the chess game in front of the chessboard, and the two are in fact a master-disciple relationship.


   Less than an hour and a half after the game started, but the chess game seemed to be about to enter the battle phase, and the conversation in the research room became lively.






   Both black and white each grabbed the big game. I thought the layout stage would be very stable, but the white 24 on the right of Ioyama Yuta seemed to threaten the black ball in the upper right corner.

黑人和白人都抢了这场大比赛。我以为布局阶段会非常稳定,但是Ioyama Yuta右边的白色24似乎威胁着右上角的黑球。

   Shiba No Toramaru did not make up in actual combat, but black 25 and white 24 counterattacked. Then White 26 began to break, and a fierce battle began.

Shiba No Toramaru没有参加实际战斗,但是黑色25和白色24反击。然后,怀特26开始崩溃,一场激烈的战斗开始了。

  Neither side responded according to the opponent's routine, and each entered a complex battle through counterattacks. This is the Go of professional players.


   The time used by both parties is 50 minutes for Shiano Toramaru and 40 minutes for Ioyama Yuta.

双方使用的时间对于Shiano Toramaru是50分钟,对于Ioyama Yuta是40分钟。





   In the battle that started on the right, Black 1 fought back upright, and after reaching Black 9, Jingshan Yuta stopped. After thinking for a while, he picked up a pawn from the chess pot and played it in white 10. "What the hell is this?" said Kobayashi Guang, an honorary celebrity in the research room.

在从右边开始的战斗中,Black 1进行了直立的反击,到达Black 9之后,荆山玉塔停了下来。想了一会儿后,他从棋盘上捡了一个棋子,打成白色10。“这到底是什么?”研究室的名流小林光说。

   Originally thought of a stable means for White A to pull out the white chess on the right, but Yuta Iiyama further chose strict means in order to pursue efficiency.


   The intention of the white 10 move is not to live out this move, but to use it as a discarded piece to settle the three pieces outside. And Shiano Toramaru could not let Iyama Yuta succeed. The research room believes that black counterattacks at A or B. Perhaps Jing Shan Yuta also saw these methods clearly before he released the White 10. How would Yuta Jingshan sort out the white chess pieces that seemed scattered?

白色10招的目的不是为了实现这一招,而是将其用作废弃的棋子以将三枚棋子放置在外面。 Shiano Toramaru不能让Iyama Yuta成功。研究室认为,黑色或白色会在A或B上发动反击。也许靖山裕太在发布White 10之前也清楚地看到了这些方法。YutaJingshan将如何挑选看起来散乱的白色棋子?





   In the face of Yuta Iyama's strong player, Shiano Toramaru unsurprisingly chose the black 1 counterattack. Jing Shan Yuta stopped, entered the long exam, and then went directly to the lunch break.

面对Yuta Iyama的强者,Shiano Toramaru毫不奇怪地选择了black 1反击。景山裕太停下来,参加了长时间的考试,然后直接去吃午饭。

  Before noon, Ioyama Yuta considered 28 minutes, and then during the one-hour lunch break, he would also consider the next move. From 11 am to 1 pm, only 3 moves were played. This game of chess entered the key point early. Both sides spent 1 hour 11 minutes Shiino Toramaru and 1 hour 49 minutes Ioyama Yuta.

中午之前,饭山裕太考虑了28分钟,然后在一个小时的午餐休息时间,他还将考虑下一步行动。从上午11点到下午1点,只打了3步。这盘棋很早就进入了关键点。双方花费了1小时11分钟的Shiino Toramaru和1小时49分钟的Ioyama Yuta。





   Both sides ordered paella at noon this day. The paella includes Izu’s famous golden bream, raw larvae, horse mackerel, etc., as well as fresh seafood such as sea urchin, salmon roe, and squid. There are also side dishes, miso soup, and seasonal mushrooms in the soup.


   This is the two players ordering the same dish again after the second day of the first game. Although I have asked about other dishes, I just ordered the same dish.






   At 1 p.m., the game continued, and Jing Shan Yuta quickly dropped to White 40. Blocking the piece that just grew out of the black chess piece.

下午1点,比赛继续进行,景山玉塔迅速降到了White 40。

   The two chess players took off their jackets, and Ioyama Yuta started using fans.






Shiano Toramaru’s black 3 hits the small eye in the lower right corner. After playing the rare layout in the third round, he returned to his familiar method. Kono Rinkudan said: "From his own way back to the original routine. , It’s still relatively rare, maybe Shibaye Toramaru discovered something.”

Shiano Toramaru的black 3击中了右下角的小眼睛。在第三轮中打出罕见的布局后,他回到了他熟悉的方法。 Kono Rinkudan说:“从他自己的方式回到最初的常规。,它仍然相对罕见,也许Shibaye Toramaru发现了一些东西。”

  While Iyama Yuta played the star position in the lower left corner, Rin Kono said that this move may have affected the attack and defense in the upper right corner.

井山裕太(Iyama Yuta)在左下角担任主角时,林野(Rin Kono)说,此举可能影响了右上角的攻防。





   After the lunch break, I put out white 1, which shows that Yuta Iyama has prepared a large-scale strategy.


   Black 2 and White 3 early, after discarding the previous triangle, choose to attack the black chess of ▲. Kim Soo-jun 9dan, who served as the commentator for the Nippon Chess Academy, said: "After the strong player of White chess, I saw the good players behind." After seeing White 3, it's Shiano Toramaru's turn to stop and enter the long exam.

黑色2和白色3早,在丢弃之前的三角形后,选择攻击▲黑色棋。担任日本国际象棋学院评论员的金秀俊9dan说:“继白棋的强者之后,我看到了优秀的棋手。”看到White 3之后,轮到Shiano Toramaru停止并参加长期考试。





  After the game continued, it reached Black 45. At this time, AI showed that Black's winning rate was 29.3%, White's winning rate was 70.7%, and White's winning rate exceeded 70% for the first time.


   But after playing White 46, black has a 37.6% win rate and white has 62.4%. The win rate is a little close again. Although the winning percentage shows that White is advantageous, the winning percentage is always fluctuating.


   At 2 pm, both sides spent exactly 2 hours.






   Shiano Toramaru and Iyama Yuta carefully spent time around the offense and defense on the right. Both sides of this chess rarely entered a slow rhythm.

Shiano Toramaru和Iyama Yuta仔细地花费时间在右边的进攻和防守周围。这种国际象棋的两面都很少进入缓慢的节奏。

   Shiba No Toramaru held a tie with his right hand for 40 minutes and played the 47th move. At this time, Jing Shan Yuta was drinking tea, holding his cheeks in consideration of how to deal with it.

Shiba No Toramaru用右手打领带40分钟,打出第47步。这时,景山玉塔正在喝茶,两颊紧紧地思考着如何处理。





   During the live broadcast, Kobayashi Hikaru, a famous celebrity and Kono Rinkudan, both appeared in the live broadcast and started the mentoring and apprentice commentary.

在现场直播期间,著名名人小林光(Kobayashi Hikaru)和河野R(Kono Rinkudan)都出现在现场直播中,并开始了指导和学徒评论。

   Kobayashi Hikaru, an honorary celebrity who faced off against the challenger Lin Haifeng Tianyuan in 1994, played the 3rd game at Atami Shitei, and finally defeated his opponent in the mid-game. After that, he made another victory in the 4th game. In one set, he reached 7 consecutive dominations of celebrities, who were unprecedented at the time.

1994年与挑战者林海峰天元对峙的名流小林光(Kobayashi Hikaru)在热海铁血(Atami Shitei)进行了第三场比赛,并最终在比赛中击败了对手。此后,他在第四场比赛中再次取得胜利。在一次比赛中,他连续7次获得名人的统治,这在当时是史无前例的。

   In last year's celebrity battle, Kono Rinkudan lost half-a-gauge defeat to Shiano Toramaru in the playoffs and handed over the challenge to Shiano Toramaru. Since then, in the fifth round of the celebrity battle, the first celebrity under the age of 20 in the birth history, he served as a news commentator in Atami Ishijei.

在去年的名人之战中,科诺·林库丹(Kono Rinkudan)在季后赛中输给了Shiano Toramaru半场失败,并将挑战交给了Shiano Toramaru。此后,在第五次名人之战中,他是出生史上20岁以下的第一位名人,他在热海市石井市担任新闻评论员。





   At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the time used by both parties was 2 hours and 48 minutes by Shiano Toramaru and 2 hours and 12 minutes by Yuta Iyama.

下午3点,双方的时间分别是Shiano Toramaru的2小时48分钟和Yuta Iyama的2小时12分钟。

   Both sides ordered a fruit platter on this day. Shiino Torumaru may not like to eat sour things, and said "I hope to remove citrus food", so Shiino Toramaru only has cantaloupe, grape and persimmon.

双方都在这一天订购了一个水果拼盘。 Shiino Torumaru可能不喜欢吃酸的东西,并说“我希望除去柑橘类食物”,因此Shiino Toramaru仅含有哈密瓜,葡萄和柿子。




  A major feature of the game against the local Atami Shitei is the 4 open-air baths. Because there is no indoor bath, you can only go outside directly after coming out of the changing room.


  There are two baths in the depths of the "Okami-no-Yu" for women. The hand feels very smooth, and you can see light green everywhere.

妇女在“ Okami-no-Yu”的深处有两个浴池。手感觉非常光滑,到处都可以看到浅绿色。

   This is actually made by hollowing out the jade stone. It is called "Jade" in China, and its value is as precious as gold and silver. Being surrounded by emeralds can be said to be a rare luxury experience.






  Shiba No Toramaru’s Black 1 is a determined move. Although the white chess will run out like a water pipe and form a bad shape, the two white chess pieces will be completely separated. Ioyama Yuta went to white 4 and chose to attack the black chess above. After that, Shiano Toramaru's black 5, Kobayashi Koichi said "a move to take root." After White 6, Black 7 splits the edge, which means that the area on the right of Black cannot die.

Shiba No Toramaru的Black 1是坚定的举动。尽管白色象棋会像水管一样用完并形成不良的形状,但两个白色棋子会完全分开。饭山雄太郎进入白4并选择攻击上面的黑色国际象棋。之后,Shiano Toramaru的黑色5号小林浩一说“扎根之举”。在白色6之后,黑色7会分裂边缘,这意味着黑色右侧的区域无法消失。

   I thought that black chess would run around in the center. Kobayashi, a famous celebrity, said: "If black chess is all right like this, white chess may be a bit bitter. Maybe Ioyama Yuta didn't expect this move." But at this time, AI's winning rate is 70%. "I don't know, I think black can still play." It is really difficult to fill the gap between human and AI judgments. So how do the two chess players view the current situation? Shibaye Toramaru now took off his mask and continued to take the long exam.

我以为黑色象棋会在中间跑来跑去。著名名人小林说:“如果这样的黑棋没事,白棋可能会有点苦。也许饭山裕太没想到这一举动。”但是目前,AI的获胜率为70%。 “我不知道,我认为黑人仍然可以比赛。”填补人类和AI判断之间的空白真的很困难。那么两位棋手如何看待当前情况? Shibaye Toramaru现在脱下了面具,继续参加长时间的考试。





After   Iyama Yuta played white 1, he attacked the black group on the right. But Shiano Toramaru's Black 2 is very fast. If you choose Black A at this time, you can at least clearly ensure the local eye position and the means to move towards the center. But Shibano Toramaru Black 2 chose a dangerous change. After breaking the two white chess pieces, I hope to solve one of them.

井山雄太打完白色1后,他攻击了右边的黑色组。但是Shiano Toramaru的Black 2速度非常快。如果此时选择Black A,则可以至少清楚地确保本地眼睛的位置以及向中心移动的方式。但是Shibano Toramaru Black 2选择了危险的更改。打破两个白色棋子后,我希望解决其中一个。

   didn't want to let the black run out, so Iyama Yutabai pulled his hand three times. After that, Shibano Toramaru broke the black four and entered a full-scale war.

不想让黑人耗尽,所以Iyama Yutabai拉了三遍手。此后,柴野虎乱丸打破了黑四,进入全面战争。

  Partly, neither side can simply end. Whether this black chess group is dead or alive, if it survives, the divided encirclement will become a solitary chess. If black is captured, then white must have played well. Whose calculation is better?


   At 4 pm, the two sides spent 2 hours and 55 minutes Shiano Toramaru and 3 hours and 05 minutes Ioyama Yuta.

下午4点,双方花费了2小时55分钟的Shiano Toramaru和3小时05分钟的Ioyama Yuta。





   A complicated battle is launched around the life and death of the black chess in the upper right corner. In the face of Yuta Ioyama's △ pull, Shiano Toramaru can be said to be a master from black 1 to white 4. Then at this time, at the black 5 on the right, Kobayashi Guang, an honorary celebrity, said: "This game is a bit powerful." The focus now is clearly on the upper right corner, but black wants to take advantage of the right.

围绕右上角黑色国际象棋的生与死展开了一场复杂的战斗。面对Yuta Ioyama的△拉力,Shiano Toramaru可以说是从黑色1到白色4的大师。然后,此时,在右边的黑色5上,名誉名人小林光表示:“有点强大。”现在的焦点显然是在右上角,但是黑色想利用右边的优势。

   And White 6 is not a simple move. The envelopment of attacking black has been further strengthened. The research room said: "Is the black chess overplayed? Black chess can't do it, right?" It was very lively, but Kim Soo-jun 9dan, who served as an interpreter at the Nihon Chess Academy, saw the methods of black chess. After white 6, black A starts to move to black E, so that the white chess above black F and the transition below black G become a meeting. If black can take care of both sides, the fierce battle starting in the morning will eventually be a favorable situation for black. This is the idea of ​​the research room.

而White 6不是一个简单的举动。攻击黑人的包围得到了进一步加强。研究室说:“黑棋被夸大了吗?黑棋做不到,对吗?”当时非常热闹,但是在日本国际象棋学院担任口译的金秀俊9dan看到了黑棋的方法。在白色6之后,黑色A开始移动到黑色E,因此黑色F上方的白色象棋和黑色G下方的过渡成为一个相遇。如果黑人能够照顾好双方,那么从早上开始的激烈战斗最终将是黑人的有利处境。这就是研究室的想法。

   Kobayashi Koichi concluded: "This is the only chess move. Shiano Toramaru should have seen the solitary control method. Black chess is good." Hearing this comment, Kono Lin 9dan and Jin Xiujun 9dan also followed this direction. But Shibano Toramaru hasn't settled yet. Perhaps it has seen bad changes.

小林浩一总结说:“这是唯一的国际象棋动作。Shiano Toramaru应该已经看到了单独的控制方法。黑色国际象棋很好。”听到这个评论,林志雄9dan和金秀俊9dan也遵循了这个方向。但是Shibano Toramaru尚未定居。也许已经看到了糟糕的变化。

   The time used at 5 pm, Shibano Toramaru and Iyama Yuta are both 3 hours and 30 minutes, and the time is five to five hours.

下午5点,Shibano Toramaru和Iyama Yuta所用的时间都是3小时30分钟,时间是5到5个小时。





   Shiba No Toramaru was considering the 59th move, the time came to 5:30. The recorder Yutaka Aoki signaled that it was 5:30. Perhaps already thinking about the next move, Shiba No Toramaru put on his coat, took a deep breath, and motioned to seal his hand. It took 1 hour and 01 minutes to play Shiba No Toramaru. This game of chess ended the first day of the game in a heavy atmosphere.

Shiba No Toramaru正在考虑第59步,时间到了5:30。记录员青木丰孝表示这是5:30。也许已经在考虑下一步行动,Shiba No Toramaru穿上外套,深吸一口气,然后示意要密封他的手。玩Shiba No Toramaru花了1小时零1分钟。这场国际象棋比赛在激烈的气氛中结束了比赛的第一天。

   Both sides spent 4 hours 01 minutes Shiano Toramaru and 3 hours 30 minutes Iyama Yuta. The two sides resumed fighting at 9 am on October 14.

双方花费了4小时01分钟的Shiano Toramaru和3小时30分钟的Iyama Yuta。双方于10月14日上午9点恢复战斗。