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Many years later, when you stand in front of the plain noodle shelf in a big supermarket, you will surely think of the distant afternoon when you opened the bag of little raccoons in the small shop downstairs in your hometown.


It was an exciting moment. After unpacking the little raccoon, you did not rush to open the seasoning bag. Your eyes were all focused on the card sandwiched between the dough and the bag, your heartbeat, your blood circulation, All speed up:


"I X! Pan Jinlian! I'm all! I'm all!"


You clenched your fist, waved it vigorously, and accelerated out of the small shop. There was wind blowing at the door, and the bright red scarf on your chest fluttered.


You are not alone. At that time, in China, there were tens of millions of red-kerchief teenagers who, like you, fell into a long and arduous struggle for the little cards in the crisp noodles.


In order to gather the cards, tens of millions of teenagers have been devouring crispy noodles without interruption for at least two years. More than 80% of this ingredient is a snack of carbohydrates and fat.


More than ten years later, recalling the enthusiasm at that time, the eyes of the red-kerchief teenagers who have been running for three or four are still shining with excitement.


Now, you stand in front of the sales shelves of a big supermarket and look at these fancy crisp noodles. You can buy hundreds of bags of it with one day's salary, but you will only find everything so boring.


There is no way, the battle for the crisp noodles that began at the end of the last century and ended at the beginning of this century, involving tens of millions of people, has been too long.


In the early 1990s, the dry-eating method of instant noodles spread among the red-kerchief teenagers.


Although it is better to eat dry than to eat in soak, or even better to eat in boiling, it can’t hold the word "saving trouble": crush the dough, sprinkle the seasoning, hold the bag and shake it for a few times, and you can start eating.


When talking about snacks, the red scarf teenagers will share some dry instant noodle experiences. Which noodles tastes good, which seasoning tastes good, how and how much seasoning to sprinkle, teenagers have systematic and in-depth research.


One is too salty to eat all the time; this is the secondary reason.


The other is too expensive and too prodigal; this is the main reason.


Think about it, the main social contradiction at that time was still the contradiction between the growing material and cultural needs and the backward social production. And Master Kong's braised beef noodles cost more than 2 yuan per bag. At that time, you can almost buy 1 catty of pork. As a result, you can chew a few mouthfuls as a snack. Always do this, your parents must be angry, and they want to beat you up.


Master Kong and Uni-President, who entered the mainland in 1991 and 1992, have seen more of these two instant noodle giants across the strait, and naturally they will not miss the historical opportunity to make big money.


So in the mid-1990s, the two giants launched instant noodles specially made for dry eating-dry crispy noodles.


At that time, there were about 200 million young people in China. In the face of such a large market, the two giants were bound to use all their firepower, smashing capital, technology, and creativity.


At the beginning of the war, Master Kong and Uni-President's dry crispy noodles did not have separate names. They were both called "Master Kong Instant Noodles" and "Tian-President Dry crispy noodles."


But soon, the two giants found that they wanted to quickly seize the market for instant noodles and couldn't copy the old tradition of instant noodles.


This is a market segment specifically for teenagers, and simply noodles need new brands, new IPs, and new ways to play.


Therefore, Uni-President named his dry noodles "Little Raccoon" and Master Kong named "Little Tigers". Both companies have designed virtual cartoon images for these two brands.


With the new brand, the advertisements of Little Raccoon and Little Tigers violently bombed major TV stations.

有了这个新品牌,Little Raccoon和Little Tigers的广告就猛烈轰炸了主要电视台。

Among them, the little raccoon's phrase "be simple, don't hesitate" is the most popular. But if you want to talk about magic, you have to count the BarBQ barbecue flavor advertisement.


In order to attract the red-kerchief teenagers, the two giants presented various small toys in a variety of ways in the crisp noodles. Looking back, these toys are small but very creative:


Little raccoon has "


The Little Tigers have "


However, in the Crispy Noodle War that year, these little toys were just little roles and little supporting roles.


For the teenagers with red scarves, they are like light casual games like "Big Bee" and "Gold Digger" in the red and white machine. They are fresh at first, but playing every day is nothing.

对于戴着红色围巾的青少年来说,它们就像红白机中的“ Big Bee”和“ Gold Digger”之类的休闲游戏。一开始他们是新鲜的,但每天玩都不是什么。

It is the masterpieces like "Double Dragon", "Ninja Frog" and "Dragon Quest" that have the value of indulging.


The choice of teenagers mainly depends on their own taste. It's hard to adjust, so I have any favorites.


It wasn't until 1998 that the world of Simply Noodles finally ushered in the first "masterpiece" that fascinated teenagers:

直到1998年,Simply Noodles的世界终于迎来了第一个吸引青少年的“杰作”:

Taking advantage of the heat of the World Cup, the sales of the Little Tigers surpassed the little raccoons and became the king of the dry noodle market.


Originally, Master Kong relied on the "Broiled Beef Noodles" to force the unity in the instant noodle market, and it was logical to continue his strength in the crisp noodle market.


Just when Master Kong was proud of Chunfeng, Tongyi didn't panic and smiled slightly: IP such as the World Cup can only be hot for a while, and once the limelight passes, my opportunity will come.


From 1998 to 1999, Unity did two major things, which played a decisive role in its counterattack and even its KO opponent.


The first major event is the launch of a new IP:


It now appears that this "little master" has become a heavy punch that Uni-President sent to Master Kong.


If you look at the fast-moving short video king Kuaishou, the national mobile game King Glory, and the screen page game Lanyue, you know this truth. It has never changed in decades.


The second big thing is to launch


As soon as the Water Margin Card came out, tens of millions of red scarf boys went crazy.


In order to collect cards, some teenagers’ lunches were replaced with plain noodles with mineral water; some teenagers went to other towns just to increase the probability of buying new cards; some teenagers’ drawers were full of noodles, but they I really can't eat it anymore. Those noodles can only get damp, oxidized, and hairy day by day.


Almost every young man with a red scarf can tell a story about Chika, and his expression is like an anti-Japanese war veteran describing how he beat devils.


When Zhihu netizen Yan Zhen recalled this craze, the scene described was very magical:


In short, the emergence of the Water Margin Card is simply the most intense and colorful stroke in the battle for hegemony in the past century. After the unification sacrificed this ruthless move, the war was not far from over.


There are also many legends about why Uni-President launched the Water Margin Card.


One of the more reliable statements is that the inspiration for Water Margin is from the "Pictures of the Three Kingdoms" by Japanese illustrator Masako Koya.


The son of the unified boss loves Japanese animation, and he loves it after he got the "Pictures of the Three Kingdoms" in 1997. Seeing that his son likes the collections of classical masterpieces so much, his keen business sense made him discover huge opportunities.


Hearing that Master Masaru will also launch "Pictures of the Water Margin" two years later, he immediately decided,


In the selection of illustrators, Uni-President did not use cartoon-style internal staff in order to save costs. Instead, it handed this difficult task to its partner Ogilvy Advertising, and five illustrators participated in it.


However, it is said that in the middle and late stages of the issuance of the Water Margin card, although the little raccoon and the little master were selling well, the painter's salary did not rise much. This was an imbalance and it was difficult to show 100% enthusiasm.


In addition, the five painters have different styles and different levels, so the art level of these 114 Water Margin cards is naturally uneven.


In general, the water margin cards launched first have the highest level. For example, the red rabbit horse under the crotch of Dadao Guan Sheng, the horse hair is very meticulously painted; Xiao Li Guanghua is extremely handsome with a silver helmet and silver armor, and a bow is like a moon; Yizhang Qinghu Sanniang is so heroic and worthy of being the first female beauty in Liangshanpo.


The Water Margin cards introduced later have more and more slots. Not only are they too lazy to design the background, but even the characters have nothing to do with the original work. For example, Fanjiang Mirage is drawn like a Japanese kappa; the big knife used by Martian Kong Liang with three gaps is very ridiculous; Yum Han Tao is even more ugly and ugly, becoming the most unchained one. card.

稍后介绍的水Mar卡有越来越多的插槽。它们不仅懒得设计背景,甚至人物也与原始作品无关。例如,范江幻影的绘制就像日本的kappa;火星人孔良使用的带有三个间隙的大刀非常荒谬。百胜餐饮集团(Yum Han Tao)更加丑陋和丑陋,成为最不受束缚的人。卡。

There are also some Water Margin cards that were not designed by the artist himself, but directly copied from Japanese anime. As the red-kerchief boys of the year saw more, they were pierced one by one.


In addition, 3 cards encountered "harmony" in the later stages: desperately Saburo Shixiu, smiling tiger Zhu Fu and urging judge Li Li.


But the unevenness of the art level will not affect the enthusiasm of the red-kerchief teenagers. In the process of collecting cards,


Some believe that no matter how hard you work, there is no gain. Eat noodles silently, collect cards silently, gather less into more, 108 will always realize the great gathering;


Some believe that unity is strength, and they can form alliances with their small partners to exchange what is needed;


Some respect the omnipotence of money and become RMB players. They don't bother to buy noodles at all, but just throw in money to buy cards. It is not a matter for them to pay a few dollars for a card.


With RMB players, there will naturally be merchant-type players who study the distribution of cards and conduct "reverse buying and reselling"; for example, at school A, they collect the "Booming Thunder" on the street at a low price of 1 yuan and 4 cards, and then run Go to school B where this card is scarce and sell it at a price of 2 yuan or more.


In the juvenile trucking frenzy, Little Raccoon’s sales doubled N-fold, and Little Master’s sales exceeded 100 million yuan. He used all the money he earned and directly built a new office building.


After 2002, Unity looked at the Water Margin Card, which had completed its historical mission for itself, and thought of ways to squeeze its final surplus value.


So they launched the "Perfect Reunion Card", as long as you eat it, even if you start collecting cards on the first day, you can instantly realize your Liangshan Great Juyi dream.


This method of disrupting order will naturally be spurned by the young people who worked so hard and used their lives to collect cards.


But no way,


At the same time as the unified office building rose to the ground, the former king, the Little Tigers, lost the crown and turned from the leader to a bitter chaser.

在统一办公楼落到地上的同时,前国王小虎队(Little Tigers)失去了王冠,从领袖变成了追逐者。

In order to fight the Water Margin Card, the Little Tigers took out the Tianlong Babu Card. Since it was authorized by the Hong Kong cartoonist Huang Yulang, the art level of the card is very high.


However, Tianlong Ba Bu is not as well-known as the Water Margin, and it does not have its own ranking system such as 108 generals, and its recognition is low; secondly, the red scarf youths have limited financial resources.


In 2002, the hopeless little tiger team was completely abandoned by Master Kong. A generation of kings was swallowed up by the progress of history and disappeared from the sight of the red-kerchief teenagers.


The battle of the century simply ended with the demise of the Little Tigers.


The Tigers did not make too many mistakes.


Even if it was unified, the Three Kingdoms, Fengshen and other cards launched after the Water Margin card did not cause much trouble.


Around 2009, Huafeng launched the series of cards "Pictures of the Water Margin" by Zheng Zi Gong. The artistic level is definitely the highest among many cards, but it has only been popular in some areas.


Noodle-eating cards are the same as four-wheel drive vehicles, electronic pets, yo-yos, and other popular things that were once hailed by the post-80s and post-90s. Once the temperature drops, it will be difficult to heat up again.


Hundreds of millions of noodles produced in the battle of crisp noodles that year, the huge calories and tiny nutrients volatilized, in the bodies of us socialist successors, after nearly two decades of metabolism, has long been wiped out. .

那年,在脆皮面条之战中生产了数以亿计的面条,在经过近二十年的新陈代谢之后,我们社会主义后继者体内大量的卡路里和微小的营养成分挥发了,早已消灭。 。

Most of the Water Margin cards that made the red-kerchief teenagers mad are missing. The reason for the disappearance is nothing more than the loss of moving house, the disappearance of the child who was given to relatives, and the throwing away as trash.


But human beings are advanced animals with memories. As long as the memory is there, nostalgia is there. So today, more than ten years later, we will look at platforms such as Xianyu and Confucius, and see Water Margin cards worth tens of thousands of yuan.


Maybe many years later, these cards that survived the war due to "non-toxic, harmless and inedible" will become the exclusive playthings of the nostalgic local tyrants.


And when ordinary people think of this past, we will not regret wasting the pocket money given by our parents, will not be ashamed of squandering the carbohydrates made from wheat, but will proudly say to the younger generation: