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The banner of the championship was raised, and fiasco followed.


In the history of the CBA, perhaps few championship teams will start their new season with this attitude.


Facing Zhejiang in the all-China class, the Guangdong team defeated their opponents 113 to 138. Since the first minute of the game, they have been absolutely passive. The noble king lowered his head. Head coach Du Feng said when accepting the summary of the game: "The reason why young players can grow is because they have veterans. Last season is over and the new season has begun. Everyone has not returned to the game from the holiday and subsequent training. Among them, everyone’s concentration and hard work have not reached the standard. After winning the championship, everyone will put themselves in the position of the champion team player."


Obviously, the current foreign aid policy prevents the two foreign aids of the Guangdong team from maximizing their strength. Impetuous mentality is also the reason why the Guangdong team lost. But compared to these, what worries Du Feng more is that the loopholes left by the UAE may be left unfilled. Last season, the Guangdong team was one of the best defensive teams in the league. As the league's most valuable player, Uzbekistan is the absolute core of that team's offensive and defensive ends. Is Yi Jianlian present? The Guangdong team is completely two teams. In the semi-finals with the Beijing team, in fact, the role of the Arab League was fully reflected.


In the first two games of the series, Uzbekistan did not play due to injury, and the Guangdong team suffered a lot of blows from their opponents. But in the deciding game between the two sides, Yi Jianlian returned to the line, changing the previous bad situation. His defense and frame protection are the reason why the Guangdong team was able to defeat the Beijing team and advance to the finals. At the same time, Yi Jianlian can still play his role after changing defense. Even if Jeremy Lin singles Uzbekistan, the success rate is actually not particularly high.


Du Feng said in an interview: "As long as he is there, he will be the leader of the team."


However, due to the injury of the Arab League Achilles tendon, it is difficult for him to appear in the CBA game this season. In fact, before the start of the season, many people were worried about the Guangdong team's defense. But considering the integrity of the Guangdong team is excellent, and each player's personal defensive abilities are very good, so the Guangdong team's defense should remain above a good standard. But in the season opener, the Zhejiang team gave the defending champion a head start.


Not long before the opening, the Guangdong team fell behind 4-20. After halftime, their loss has exceeded 70 points. In fact, the Guangdong players worked hard enough on the defensive end, and the intensity was not much worse than last season's playoffs. However, they still seem unable to prevent the opponent from scoring. In the absence of Yi Jianlian, the Guangdong team's defensive system almost collapsed. The Zhejiang team started from the inside and scored consecutively to the basket. After the Guangdong team had to shrink the defense, it became a performance moment for the Zhejiang pitchers.


As the game progressed, the Zhejiang team became more confident and the Guangdong team was a little frustrated. Even after the double foreign aid played to save the field in the second half, it still failed to change the fact that the defending champion collapsed on the defensive end. The point difference gradually developed from 20 points to 30 points, and the game lost its suspense early.


Du Feng appeared at the press conference after the game very frustrated. He said: "I think it was a good loss to make everyone more sober. This season will actually be very difficult. How long have we not lost 30 points? I’m actually very grateful to the Zhejiang team. Only by playing well every game, practicing every lesson, and respecting the players in every round. Only in this way can the team slowly get on track."


It is undeniable that as the season progresses, the Guangdong team can gradually adjust their state to the best level. But Yi Jianlian's long-term absence will still bring irreparable losses to the team. This is why Zhu Fangyu was so eager to get an insider in this offseason, but in the end he was disappointed. The problem of weak insiders will probably haunt them all season.


How to adjust the defending champion will test their players as well as coach Du Feng. But competitive sports has always been so cruel. The last of the three consecutive championships is always the toughest. The challenge of the defending champion has just begun!


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