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"Lakers Championship!" "James MVP!" "Kobe, This is for you!" The slogan that has been held for a long time can finally be called out. For this season, this may also be the best ending. The future direction of the NBA in the epidemic era will also continue to deeply affect the future of world basketball.

“湖人冠军!” “詹姆斯MVP!” “神户,这是给你的!”长期坚持的口号最终可以被呼出。对于本赛季,这也可能是最好的结局。 NBA在流行时代的未来方向也将继续深刻影响世界篮球的未来。

3 cities, 4 MVPs, 4 championships and 4 FMVPs symbolizing the absolute core-it is hard to imagine that someone will achieve this goal.


The second in the history of cumulative playoffs; the second in the history of cumulative assists in the playoffs; the first in the history of series closing win rate; the first in history of cumulative playoffs in the playoffs; the first in history of cumulative scoring in the playoffs... Behind this kind of historical data, this 36-year-old man continues to pursue "GOAT (best in history)".

累积季后赛历史第二在季后赛累积助攻历史上第二;系列赛闭幕胜利率历史上第一个;季后赛累积季后赛历史上第一个;季后赛累积得分历史上的第一位……在这种历史数据的背后,这位36岁的男子继续追求“ GOAT(历史上最好的球员)”。

Moreover, the story of James continues, and he still has the ability to surpass more records, including himself. Let's look at how this "old man" will continue to climb next season.


The story that belongs to Disney's "Bubble" is over. Rondo who won the championship in Lake Kaidu, Butler who found his home, the blockbuster Shiro, and Howard who burst into tears and said "Cannot give up" after winning the championship... they The experience is the reason why we love the game,

属于迪士尼“泡泡”的故事结束了。朗多(Rondo)在凯杜湖(Lake Kaidu)夺得冠军,巴特勒(Butler)找到了自己的家,一鸣惊人的四郎(Shiro)和霍华德(Howard赌钱软件最火的app)哭了起来,夺得冠军后大喊“不能放弃”。 ,

In the more than 70 years since its establishment, the NBA has gone through various eras of war, the Great Depression and economic crises, but perhaps the twists and turns of this season are better than ever. After reaping the championship + FMVP honor again, is James the first person in history? His pursuit will not stop, and the slogan "More Than An Athlete" will continue.

自成立以来的70多年来,NBA经历了战争,大萧条和经济危机的各个时代,但本赛季的曲折也许比以往更好。在再次获得冠军+ FMVP荣誉之后,詹姆斯是历史上第一人吗?他的追求不会停止,而口号“不仅仅是一名运动员”将继续下去。



Before the vigorous finals G5, the NBA is facing the dilemma of plummeting ratings.


In fact, the NBA has been facing the impact of "audience diversion" in recent years. Changes in Internet content have made more and more fans reluctant to watch long games in front of TV, especially young people.

实际上,近年来,NBA一直面临着“观众转移”的影响。 Internet内容的变化已使越来越多的粉丝不愿在电视前观看长时间的比赛,尤其是年轻人。

But this year thought that the epidemic, the delayed start of the finals caught up with the NFL opener, and the ratings plummeting can be imagined. At the same time, too many politicized declarations are also one of the main reasons for the decline in ratings. Various kinds of speech continue to consume people's enthusiasm.


According to Forbes, the Harris Poll polled 2,000 people over the weekend, and two-thirds of them were sports fans. The results were indeed not optimistic. Nearly 40% of the interviewees said they were more concerned about the game itself rather than the political declaration, and 28% were trapped in "unable to go to the stadium", which combined more than half.


The ESPN ratings dropped by 20% in the first month of the season. Even if Xiao Hua did not panic and said, "It's not surprising, I don't worry about this" and "We understand our position among fans, and fans' attention is distracted. , Especially young fans."


At the same time, the decline in ratings is a pressure on the entire sports world. According to SMW reports, the ratings of almost all major sports events are declining. NBA famous Darren Rovell also posted on October 5, not only the NBA, but the ratings of all sports are declining.

同时,收视率下降是整个赌钱软件最火的app体育界的压力。根据SMW的报告,几乎所有重大体育赛事的收视率都在下降。 NBA著名的达伦·罗维尔(Darren Rovell)也在10月5日发布了消息,不仅是NBA,而且所有体育项目的收视率都在下降。

Therefore, under various uncertain circumstances next season, the NBA, which is stuck with ratings issues, urgently needs to re-stimulate the desire of fans. The NBA’s proposal for a new game system change on Christmas Eve last year may be about to come true.

因此,在下赛季各种不确定的情况下,饱受评分问题困扰的NBA迫切需要重新激发球迷的渴望。 NBA于去年圣诞节前夕提出的关于更改新游戏系统的建议可能即将实现。



In December last year, the NBA's 2021-22 season change proposal sent to teams mentioned these rules:

去年12月,发送给各队的NBA 2021-22赛季变更建议提到了以下规则:

It can be seen that the new competition system involves the regular season, playoffs and the reform of the new championship, covering almost every ring of the season. The "Last Ticket Competition" and "The Champions No Division" seem to have been nailed down, which also answers the question of the competition pattern of things that has been controversial for many years.

可以看出,新的比赛系统涉及常规赛季,季后赛和新冠军赛的改革,几乎涵盖了整个赛季。 “最后的门票竞赛”和“冠军无人区划”似乎已经确定下来,这也回答了多年来争议不断的事物的竞赛模式问题。

The tournament brings more competition, which is what fans expect to see. "

这场比赛带来了更多的竞争,这是球迷们期待看到的。 ”

In addition, the NBA also encourages teams to participate, planning to make every win in the knockout game twice the value of a regular season game. Or, the league can cancel the ranking mechanism based on wins and losses and introduce a points system similar to the Premier League, the World Cup and the NHL.


According to the original plan, this proposal will be discussed on the board of directors next month, and the corresponding rules will be created. Once it comes into effect, we will usher in a refreshing NBA.


The impact of the epidemic has also forced the NBA to make more measures. When talking about whether to permanently change the schedule, Xiao Hua said: "That is something we have been discussing. The worst crisis may also bring opportunities."


Fortunately, the East is not bright and the West is bright. The return of the NBA to CCTV live broadcasts excited the Lakers and James fans with the huge number of domestic fans.

幸运的是,东方并不光明,西方却光明。 NBA回到中央电视台的直播中,湖人队和詹姆斯队的球迷以及众多的国内球迷为之振奋。

NBA Commissioner Xiao Hua also began to look forward to next season. For example, whether the new season should start at Christmas or avoid the NFL and start in 2021. At the same time, he also stated that in order to maintain the normal operation of the league, those jerseys with BLM and black rights slogans may not be maintained next season.


Although the NBA urgently needs to get rid of this kind of pressure, it cannot be expected that the NBA farce will stop because of this. For domestic fans, the discussion about "not watching the NBA" is far from stopping, especially after the rebroadcast of CCTV. A large number of fans still stand on the opposite side of "support."


For the NBA, it takes a long period of hard work to restore the favorability of Chinese fans and reverse the attitude of the public. Relying only on a star or a team’s fans is far from a success in a professional league, leaving it to Xiao Hua and other NBA executives still have a long way to go.