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赌钱软件最火的app|小鹰不确定生涯未来 称奇马耶夫应对阵前十精英

Habib Numangomodov never shy away from the topic of his retirement. If he can beat Justin Gage at UFC254 at the end of this month, he will retire after a 30-game victory set by his father and his father. The goal will be one step closer.

赌钱软件最火的app哈比卜·努曼哥莫多夫(Habib Numangomodov)从不退缩。如果他能在本月底以UFC254击败贾斯汀·盖奇(Justin Gage),他将在父亲和父亲取得30场胜利后退役。目标将近一步。

After this, who else is Habib's target? In the UFC254 press conference held a few days ago, he personally answered this question.


"This is a great question, and I don’t know who my next goal is. I will end Gage on October 24th, and then? This is really a great question. I like to compete and I like to be with the world. Competing with the best guys, that’s why I came here. I didn’t sign with UFC for money. I have many ways to make money outside the arena. I never fight for money.”


Despite the lack of challenging opponents, the 32-year-old Habib said that he is not thinking too much about retirement now, but is focusing on the upcoming reunification with Gage's lightweight title in two weeks. war. In addition, Habib also revealed that UFC Chairman Dana Bai has promised to himself that after the game with Gage, he will have some amazing "big plans" for him.

尽管缺乏挑战性的对手,但现年32岁的哈比卜表示,他现在对退休的考虑不是太多,而是将重点放在即将到来的两周内与盖奇的轻量级冠军头衔上。战争。此外,哈比卜还透露,UFC主席达纳·白(Dana Bai)向自己承诺,与盖奇(Gage)比赛后,他将为他制定一些惊人的“大计划”。

"I don't think I will retire after this battle, because we have several choices in front of us. After this match, we will think about it seriously. Dana Bai told me that there will be some special arrangements for me after the match. But I told him to put this plan aside for now, until I win, let’s talk about it. He said there are some amazing'big plans' for me, and we will take a look after this game."


Habib has previously stated publicly that the matchup with former UFC doubleweight champion George St. Pierre is a fantasy battle in his mind, but the UFC has not yet commented on it. Another name that Habib can't get around is Connor McGregor, even though he has beaten the Irish once in the September 2018 game.

哈比卜此前曾公开表示,与前UFC双人重量级冠军乔治·圣皮埃尔(George St. Pierre)的比赛对他而言是一场幻想之战,但UFC尚未对此发表评论。哈比布无法绕过的另一个名字是康纳·麦格雷戈(Connor McGregor),尽管他在2018年9月的比赛中曾经击败过爱尔兰人一次。

Dana Bai revealed that he had worked hard to get Habib and McGregor to coach the restarted version of the "Ultimate Fighter" to achieve a second battle between the two, but this plan has been rejected by Habib. No matter who Habib's next opponent is, he said that he currently only focuses on one person, and that is Gage.

达娜·白(Dana Bai)透露,他为让哈比卜(Habib)和麦格雷戈(McGregor)执教新版《终极战士》(Ultimate Fighter)进行了艰辛的工作,以实现两者之间的第二次战斗,但这一计划遭到了哈比卜的拒绝。无论哈比卜的下一个对手是谁,他都说他目前只专注于一个人,那就是盖奇。

"All I have in my mind is Geki. I don't want to underestimate this guy. He is a very difficult opponent, very tenacious. He is following his dream and is eager to beat me. This is something I have never done before. The enemy of Yu. I will never underestimate him. I am only focusing on what will happen on the night of October 24th."


Another question that Khabib was asked during the press conference was about supernova Kanzat Chimayev. The rookie who was born in Russia and now lives in Sweden is currently the hottest figure in the entire MMA industry, and he is naturally compared with Habib, who is also Russian.

在新闻发布会上,哈比卜被问到的另一个问题是关于超新星坎扎特·奇马耶夫(Kanzat Chimayev)。这位出生于俄罗斯,现在居住在瑞典的菜鸟,目前是整个MMA行业中最炙手可热的人物,与拥有俄罗斯血统的Habib相比,他自然很自然。

"I don't know what UFC plans for him, but in my opinion, he is worthy of playing against a top ten elite. He should challenge a difficult opponent, a five-round battle, and then He deserves a chance to fight for the right to challenge. This is my opinion."


"He ended all his opponents, so I am very optimistic about him. Ali told me that his next game will be the headline main game, in December, because Ali is our agent, so he knows these things. I think this is a great opportunity for him. If he wins, then he should fight for the right to challenge."


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