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赌钱软件最火的app_【观点】放走J罗库鸟不可惜 穆勒就是莱万的最强辅助

If it is a pity that Ronaldo and Coutinho have failed to stay with Bayern in the past few seasons, the game last night once again proved that Mueller is the most suitable man to appear behind Lewand.


This season, as Everton’s new aid, James Rodríguez contributed 3 goals and 4 assists in 6 games, and Coutinho, who returned to Barcelona, ​​also sent 1 goal 2 in 3 starts. Assists. These two players have played for Bayern successively in the past few years. Their outstanding performance now makes people wonder how strong this team of five champions will become if they can keep Bayern. .

这个赛季,作为埃弗顿的新援,詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(JamesRodríguez)在6场比赛中贡献了3个进球和4个助攻,而回到巴塞罗那的库蒂尼奥(Coutinho)也开始了三分之二的进球数。助攻。过去几赌钱软件最火的app年中,这两位球员先后为拜仁效力。现在,他们出色的表现使人们想知道,如果他们能保住拜仁,那么这支由五名冠军组成的球队将变得赌钱软件最火的app多么强大。 。

Ronaldo participated in 15 goals and 19 assists during the two years on loan to Bayern, and Coutinho also contributed 11 goals and 9 assists for Bayern last season. But don't forget that as of the fourth round of this season, Mueller has scored 121 goals and 149 assists for the team in 355 Bundesliga games. This self-contained "space reader" is neither like a traditional winger nor a typical No. 10 player, but he can directly participate in 1 goal every 1.31 games.


After helping the team beat Bielefeld 4-1 with 2 shots and 1 pass, Mueller's performance was also recognized by coach Frick: "Müller is unique and no one can even imitate him. In this game, he and Lewand were both the best players."

在帮助球队以2发1球击败比勒费尔德4-1之后,穆勒的表现也得到了弗里克教练的认可:“穆勒是独一无二的,没有人可以模仿他。在这场比赛中,他和勒万德都是最好的球员。 ”

Only 8 minutes after the start of the game, Lewand took away a central defender by retracement and opened the opponent's defense. Following Mueller selflessly chose to send a cross for Coman, but it was destroyed and Mueller immediately made a supplementary shot. Towards the end of the first half, Mueller made another pass at the top of the arc, and Lewand made a slight adjustment to complete the goal. However, when the easy side fought again, Lewandg and Mueller switched positions, the former sent a cross on the right, and the latter finished the goal.


In fact, Lewand has mentioned the long-term tacit cooperation between him and Mueller more than once: “When Mueller is by my side, everything becomes easier. He helped me a lot and we are also very complementary. Mueller will always face the opponent’s goal and run very diligently. When he comes out, we will always have one more person in the penalty area, and I will also get more space, no longer always be bound by two or three folder."


There is no doubt that Mueller's presence has allowed Lewan to get the maximum liberation. With the passage of time, the connection between the two has become more and more tacit, and this has also allowed Lewan to win the small steel gun that symbolizes the Bundesliga striker king in the past three seasons. During this time, Mueller ranked first in the Bayern team in assists sent to Lewand.


And this season, Mueller and Lewandt have each sent out 2 assists for each other. Bayern scored a record 17 goals in the first 4 rounds, and these 17 goals are directly related to either Mueller or Lewandre. Looking back at historical data, since he was officially promoted to the first team, Mueller’s single-season number of goals scored has never been less than 21 goals; Lewand has "only" scored 21 goals in the first season since joining Bayern, and the number of goals in the rest of the season. All are above 40 goals.


Last season, Lewand scored a record 55 goals, and Mueller also contributed a double-double of 14 goals and 25 assists. This season has just begun. Lewand has completed 7 goals and 4 assists in 6 games, and Muller has 5 goals and 4 assists in 7 games. We can also expect that these two frontcourt partners, who are older and more demon, will set new highs in the new season.




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