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Unexpectedly, Shudan Jun will be completely cheered up in the cinema one day.


I was already looking forward to the movie "Win the Championship" before the Chinese New Year. After waiting for 9 months, it was finally released.


When I was young, my parents told me about the scene when I was sitting around a group of people to watch the women's volleyball match. They always say: Now that a person is facing the computer, he can't feel the passion at that time.


This time I felt it on the big screen.


In the movie, the entire factory crowded in front of a black-and-white TV. When they saw the Chinese women's volleyball team defeat the Japanese team and won the world championship for the first time, everyone cheered in unison and rushed to the streets to beat gongs and drums.


After putting it here, the audience applauded suddenly at the theater. Then everyone applauded. At that moment, Shudan Jun truly felt that something inspiring had passed across the screen and time to this theater.


No wonder some netizens commented that this is the best cry for the National Day this year, but it is the most exciting movie.


Lang Ping entered the national team when he was 18 years old.


Before that, everyone around her felt that she was very lucky, reaching the pinnacle of her life at a young age. However, the fact is that in order to keep this "lucky", she has always worked very hard, and the people on the same team worked hard, and she worked hard.


But when she arrived in the national team, she realized that desperate was the last thing to mention. Because everyone can work hard, everyone has a passionate volleyball dream. And Lang Ping, whose physical fitness is a little bit unable to keep up, can only be a substitute, and he doesn't even have the qualifications to touch the ball.


At that time, the women's volleyball coach Yuan guided the training of the women's volleyball team, and there was a golden trick-practice.


Even if you can't stand up on the ground, even if your hand is cut by the rough wooden floor, you must get up and practice. Because he couldn't breathe in his heart.


He said that in the 1960s, our country's women's volleyball team had some improvement. Originally, we were going to rush to the status of a volleyball powerhouse, but we didn't know that there was no ball in the middle of the decade. Later, when he visited abroad for the first time and walked into a hotel in the United States, he was stupid. TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, everything.


You know, in China at that time, if you wanted to watch TV, you had to huddle in front of a black-and-white TV with a whole factory of people, basically listening to the sound. It is totally unimaginable for a person to own a TV.


That was the first time Director Yuan felt the gap in national strength, and it was also his original intention to train the women's volleyball team.


In the 1980s, shortly before the World Cup match, Director Yuan received another notice that computer simulation technology had been used in the American team's volleyball training, and the skills and strength of each Chinese women's volleyball team had been thoroughly understood by the other side. Our country does not have such conditions.


What should I do if the technology cannot keep up? Still that word, practice. He raised the volleyball net by 15 centimeters and continued to increase the difficulty and intensity of the players. He said: Do you think we do this, can the computer figure it out?


In an era where backwardness is about to be beaten, only by unkind hard training can it be possible to catch up with others.


It was an almost tragic state. Everyone had a sincere heart that wanted to win glory for the country, and worked hard regardless of their body.


In the 1981 World Cup, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated Brazil, the Soviet Union, South Korea, the United States and Cuba, and faced the host Japanese team in the finals.


At the critical moment when the game was a big score of two to two draws, Director Yuan called a technical timeout to bring the players together. He said:


You see, where are we playing, if you lose this game, you will regret it forever.


In the end, the Chinese women's volleyball team won, the whole country cheered, and thousands of people were empty. Everyone ran to the streets, lighting firecrackers, beating gongs and drums, like celebrating the victory of a war. That was the first time that the Chinese women's volleyball team won the highest honor in a world competition.


Since then, the Chinese women's volleyball team has become the strongest in the world, winning five consecutive championships in the world's top competitions. Lang Ping's name of "Iron Hammer" also began to resound in the world at that time.


In 1987, Lang Ping chose to study in the United States after his retirement. The biggest advantage of going to a foreign land is that it provides her with a bystander's perspective to see the environment and efforts she has been in before.


Lang Ping loves volleyball from the heart and hopes that the Chinese team will always be strong.


Compared to their passion for a certain sport, they were more like volleyball and wanted to fight for a breath. The times need them to boost morale with one victory after another, so they stepped forward.


It can be said that the mental state of the older generation of Chinese women's volleyball team completely represents the mental state of the Chinese people at that time-at all costs, we must prove that we can do it. They did it, and they did pay the price.


Lang Ping, who was middle-aged, stood on the far side of the earth, thinking that he didn't want to take the old path anymore.


The time has come to 2008. The former Chinese women's volleyball coach Chen has become the head coach of the new generation of women's volleyball team. Lang Ping, who went to the United States, began to coach the American women's volleyball team for a living.


Before that, for Lang Ping, volleyball was no longer just to prove any value, it became her profession.


At the 2008 Olympics, the Chinese team and the US team met in the women's volleyball field. Lang Ping believed that the overall strength of the Chinese team at that time was stronger than that of the American team. As a professional coach, it was her responsibility to lead the team to train. But from the bottom of her heart, she still hopes that the Chinese team can win.


At the match point of that game, the American team took the lead. Lang Ping looked around the American team members and said: I have nothing to say, this is your game.


In the end, the American team won. Compared to the cheering American team members, the head coach Lang Ping looked lonely. There was an audience in the stands who stood up and pointed at her and cursed.


Shu Shan Jun couldn't imagine what kind of mood it was. On the homeland, he defeated his motherland with his "enemy". Professionalism and patriotism collide, and there is always one to be disappointed. What a contradictory mood that should be.


After that, the Chinese women's volleyball team fell into a trough, and for a long time, it became a second-rate team in the world.


Until Lang Ping became the head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team again.


Lang Ping at this time is no longer the same as she used to train hard. I think her guidance for the new women's volleyball team is precisely trying to make up for her regrets when she was young:


She always won when she was young, but she didn't feel happy from the bottom of her heart, because she was burdened with too heavy a burden, and no one had ever asked whether Lang Ping really loved volleyball.


The brand new women's volleyball team she formed was the Chinese women's volleyball team that became famous later-Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia, Wei Qiuyue...Except for Wei Qiuyue who was pregnant, everyone else All appeared in person and played themselves in the movie.


Lang Ping also began a drastic reform of the Chinese women's volleyball team.


From the beginning, she told the girls:


Parents always hope that their children can make up for their regrets and get what they did not have the conditions to obtain when they were young. The same goes for coaching.


When Lang Ping was young, her coach represented the older generation of Chinese: lack of self-confidence, never tasted the taste of victory, and the desire to win is greater than anything else.


Lang Ping is different. She has won, opened her eyes, and felt what it was like to stand on the top of a mountain. Moreover, China at that time is no longer what it used to be. After 30 years, China has become stronger, and it is no longer necessary to tie the victory of a sports game completely with national honor and national dignity.

郎平则不同。她赢了,睁开了眼睛,感受到了站在山顶上的感觉。而且,当时的中国已不再是过去。 30年后,中国变得更加强大,不再需要将体育比赛的胜利与国家荣誉和国家尊严完全挂钩。

With a strong heart, you will want to find something more important, more delicate, and more personal than victory—becoming yourself.


Just like at the 2016 Olympics, on the eve of the game, Lang Ping said to her players: Don't care about winning or losing, I hope you are happy and enjoy.


The 2016 match against host Brazil, made the Chinese women's volleyball famous again in the world. History repeats itself again, but the difference is that in the new women's volleyball team, we can no longer see Lang Ping and the others.


On the Brazil Olympics champion podium, the girls stepped on the platform with their feet, and then stood on the stage together. This is a joy from the heart. They are no longer like the older generation, they will cry when they win. Today's women's volleyball team faces victory with a smile.


There is a word that often appears in the movie, called the spirit of women's volleyball.


The iron fist coach Yuan Gui said when facing Lang Ping and the others: We must have the spirit of our Chinese women's volleyball team. Before going to the Olympic Games in 2016, Director Chen told Lang Ping at the airport: No matter whether others need the spirit of women's volleyball, I need it.


What is the spirit of women's volleyball?


Is it tenacious? Strive for victory? Shudan thinks that neither is.


For the older generation of women's volleyball players, it is the wall full of ball marks. It is bleeding, sweating, not tears, and fighting for breath. But decades have passed and times have changed. No one will rush to the streets to beat the gongs and drums because of a victory in a football game, and no one will regard winning or losing as a game of national dignity.


The spirit of the women's volleyball team in the 1980s is clearly not in line with the present. Times have changed, and Lang Ping knows this best.


There are many such contrasts in the movie.


Thirty years ago, Director Yuan always said to the players: Practice 30 more balls, and you are not allowed to go. When Lang Ping was a coach 30 years later, he said to the players: Today is here, girls, go Let's fall in love.

30年前,袁主任总是对球员说:再练习30个球,就不准你去。 30年后,郎平(Lang Ping)当教练时,他对球员说:今天,女孩们,去吧,让我们坠入爱河。

Thirty years ago, during the competition, Director Yuan said to the players: If you don’t win this game, you will regret it forever; 30 years later, on the eve of the Olympic Games, Lang Ping said to the players:

30年前,在比赛中,袁主任对球员们说:如果你不赢得这场比赛,你将永远后悔。 30年后,在奥运会前夕,郎平对运动员说:

She said that the older generations always have too many heavy burdens, and these things are carried by our previous generation.


The next generation has what they need to carry, the new women's volleyball spirit.


As Director Chen said to the women's volleyball players: You have everything now, but this (wall full of ball marks) can't be found. Every era has its missing parts. The missing of our era is pure love.


Compared with the 1980s, China today has undergone tremendous changes. We have too many paths to choose, and there is no need to smash one thing to prove our worth.


But if you choose more, it is easier to give up. When there is more retreat and love is lost, people become unhappy.


Shudanjun can hardly see people who treat their profession as tough as the older generation of Chinese women's volleyball team. Many people are exhausted, thinking "can you not work overtime" and "when can you retire?"


We are in an era in which victory or defeat is not the only criterion. In this more diverse world, there are too many people who evade facing their hearts and give in to things they don't like, just to exchange their time for a salary. Over time, I can't find who I am. To


I often have friends and Shudanjun drinking with emotion: I’m busy every day, and I don’t know what I’m doing. Do you say that you love work? You don't love it much, but it is work that takes the most time and energy every day. Sometimes I wake up at noon after taking a nap in the office. I look around and suddenly I don’t know what I’m doing or who I am. To


This is probably the biggest confusion for people this year. To


Just like Zhu Ting, who had just joined the team in "Win the Championship", when asked why she played volleyball, she said:


When I went to the basketball team before, people said that I was too thin to fit. Later, I went to the kayaking team, and someone told me, girl, where do you put your leg. So, I chose volleyball.


At that time, she didn't know why she played volleyball, and she felt very confused. I came here purely for my parents, to find a way out for the future, and to become Lang Ping.


Until the Olympic Games, Lang Ping sent her a text message telling her:


From then on, Zhu Ting, who was forced to play volleyball in desperation, began to officially become the "women's volleyball Jordan" who frightened her opponents.


You never know how big your potential is until you find your own path. Sometimes I think about the white-collar workers who are sitting in the cubicle with expressionless faces and changing the copywriting and design over and over again, maybe they really just didn't think about who they really are.


And once you think about this problem, a person's true talent and potential may burst out.


From this point of view, "become yourself", perhaps this is the true spirit of the women's volleyball team in the new era, and it is also the best answer to "Win the Championship" for all confused young people.


Chief Writer | Light Turbidity Editor | Black Sheep


Source | "Win the Championship"

来源| “赢得冠军”